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Gary Jezorski

CRM Sales Automation Expert & Pioneer of Hi-tech Soccer Development


About Gary Jezorski

Gary Jezorski, an entrepreneur by nature and a recognized sales and marketing expert who has dramatically grown businesses for others before starting his own ventures. Several of these businesses have been grown and sold while he continues to grow 3 businesses currently in his portfolio. Gary holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Technology, Industrial & Product Design from the University of Wisconsin graduating Magna Cum Laude. He worked in high profile posts for companies like Motorola, Fairchild Semiconductor, Dynamic Technical Sales for over 13 years until his entrepreneurial spirit drove him to go out on his own and create unique businesses to serve small businesses and contribute more to society. Some businesses were successfully grown and sold while others proved the adage “you can’t win them all”. But both successes and failures molded and educated Gary so he could take on ever larger projects knowing what works and what to avoid. Gary is always open to new and innovative business ideas and willing to share his product development and marketing experience to guide people to establish successful ventures.

His specialty in product design and development combined with “real world” sales expertise helped him establish the CloudNet360 CRM and small business automation system. CloudNet360 is universally recognized as one of the most reliable and intuitive small business automation systems available in the industry today, having grown from nothing more than an idea based upon personal need into a system generating millions in sales annually. His enthusiasm for soccer and the lack of decent software servicing the youth soccer marketplace drove him to design and develop the most advanced, and easy to use, soccer coaching and soccer video editing software designed and built specifically for soccer. This cloud based software is bBranded as "SocrPro" and free for all coaches, players and parents. His latest endeavor is a hi-tech indoor soccer training franchise known as "SocrLabs" which originated in one of the spare CloudNet360 warehouses located in Mundelein, IL.and utilizes state of the art training equipment and proprietary training curriculum to dramatically accelerate the technical skills of youth athletes.

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